My Friend’s First Tattoo

I was honoured to design my friend’s first tattoo! He approached me with idea of a tree (in the style you see below), a mountain and a wave. We spoke extensively and I created this minimalist composition which he loved so much he got tattooed as is!

The tattoo artist who did it is extremely talented and you can find his page on Instagram @tenacioustattoo.



I contributed to the #UniqueScientists initiative through a translation of their submission form to French, as well as this space science themed logo (their main logo is DNA).

You can find this version at the bottom of this page!



HiPERCAM is the amazing new camera, P.I.-ed by Vik Dhillon at The University of Sheffield. I created this non-technical infographic, which can even be found on the instrument’s website, at the end of the scientific motivation section!