Bridging the Gap Between Observation and Theory

Hoki is a Python package designed to interface with the BPASS models and their outputs. It provides tools to effortlessly explore the results of the synthetic stellar populations and compare them to astronomical observations.

Spend less time coding, do more science!

Built with Data Analysis in Mind

Hoki leverages the power of core Python tools that most astronomers are already using, such as pandas, numpy and matplotlib to maximise versatility and usability. BPASS outputs are automatically pre-processed and returned in a Pythonic format to facilitate data analysis in a standard astronomy workflow. Advanced visualisation tools tailored to the BPASS data are also provided to easily generate publication-ready figures.

Fishing for data has never been so easy!



Extensive Documentation

A full set of online documentation has been designed to help you get started as quickly as possible. It also includes recipes for the most common application of Hoki! These tutorials are also available to download on GitHub so you get to see it in action and not just read.

Open and Free

The future of software in astronomy is open source. Hoki is Licensed under a BDS 3-Clause license - so go ahead! Download the code, use it, modify it, create pull requests… this is a project built for the community and your involvement is not just welcome it is encouraged! And if you’re not confident modifying code, we still want to hear form you! Report bugs, ask for features you want to see implemented… no contribution is too small.