“What’s a….” infographics

A good picture is worth a thousand words.

As I’ve mentioned in my 5 tips for public outreach, visual design is a crucial element to successfully delivering a message and passing on information.

The “What’s a…” infographics project is my way of combining my love of science and data with my passion for effective visual design. My goal is to build a library of infographics and illustrations about some of the most interesting objects in our Universe.

A list of released and upcoming infographics is given below. There is also a gallery with potato quality version of the infrographics, but fear not! They were all created as Vector Graphics images and are available on my Github Repo


Whether you are here to learn more about space, or if you are also involved in outreach and looking for resources, I’ve got you covered. The GitHub repo contains a PDF, PNG and SVG version of each infographic. If you want to enjoy it as-is, download the PDF or PNG; you can also get the SVG file if you want to make a modification, or extract particular elements that you want to use for another piece of work.

This brings me to my next point….

This project is completely open!

It is under an open license called a Non-commercial Creative Commons License (CC BY-4.0). This means that you can use, share and modify my work at will, so long as you give attribution.

Released infographics:

Many more are coming!:

“What’s a.. Pulsar?”, “What’s a… Black hole?”, “What’s a... Galaxy?”…

If you have any requests, feel free to get in touch!

Click or tap on the image below to flick through the released infographics!