Dr. Heloise F. Stevance



I was born and brought up in France and moved to the Sheffield (UK) in 2011 to start a degree in Physics and Astronomy. In 2014 to La Palma for my Master’s year, working at the Isaac Newton Group of telescopes as a support astronomer and doing a project on Near Earth Asteroids. I then moved back to Sheffield in 2015 to do a PhD on Core Collapse Supernovae, trying to better understand their shapes using spectropolarimetry.

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My Job

Research Fellow

2019-present University of Auckland

With the goal to better understand Gravitational Waves and their progenitors, I am currently writing a dedicated code base to bridge the gap between state of the art stellar population synthesis models and observations of distant galaxies obtained with cutting-edge instrumentation.

My Side Gigs

I have a passion for public engagement and scientific outreach. You can learn more by clicking on the link below or checking the "Public Event" pages!

I also make science graphics and illustrations for communication and outreach purposes. These are free to use and modify and are licensed under a CC-BY 4.0.



2019       Ph.D      Astrophysics        
2015       MPhys.   Physics and Astronomy  First Class with  Honours



  2017 AFHEA (Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy)


Human languages

  • English (fluency)

  • French (native)

  • Spanish (B1)

Programming Languages

  • Python (fluency)

  • SQL (basic)

  • YAML (intermediate)

  • Bash (basic)

  • R (Basic)

  • Latex (Fluency)

  • JSON (intermediate)

Soft skills

  • Excellent Communication

  • Team work experience (including international collaborations)

  • Great public speaking experience

  • Leadership and Management

Technical Skills

  • Machine Learning

  • Statistics (includes Bayesian)

  • Machine Learning

  • Mathematical modelling

  • Data Visualisation

  • Git and GitHub

  • Jupyter Notebooks

  • Excel

  • Python Package development

  • Object Oriented Programming



PGR Representative to the Faculty

2017-2019          University of Sheffield 
I represent the post graduates of the department of physics and astronomy to the faculty of science of the University of Sheffield. I am driving a number of projects at departmental and faculty level, mostly concerning Equity and Diversity, as well as facilitating reporting of bullying and harassment issues. 


 Data Scientist

 08-09/2018                          Beamly  London, England
I was a participant in the Science to Data Science program and worked on a project for the MarTech Company Beamly. I worked in a team of 4, on Time Series Analysis of trends in beauty. The project involved extracting data from a database stored on the cloud in AWS S3, cleaning the data and producing a forecast. We were able to extract long from short term trends and produce forecast using Prophet.


S2DS fellow

 08-09/2018        Science to Data Science   London, England
The course included introductory lectures on Machine Learning with Python, SQL, Ethics in Data Science, Business, Economy, Finance, Project Management. I worked in a team with three other participants at Beamly (see above). Although we did not know each other before working together and had very different backgrounds, we were very successful in communicating and using our skills with synergy. 


Project Supervisor

07–09/2017            University of Sheffield  
I designed a project and obtained funding for an undergraduate student to work with me over the summer. Their work was based around using my own data reduction pipeline to reduce data. I supervised the student for 7 weeks and helped them write a report and prepare for a talk on the project.

Teaching Assistant

2015–2018              University of Sheffield       
I taught and marked problems classes and labs for first and second year astronomy modules. It was a fantastic experience to improve my ability to explain difficult concepts to people of various backgrounds.


Support Astronomer

2014–2015        Isaac Newton Group  LaPalma, Spain
I was a support astronomer at the Isaac Newton Telescope during my year spent at the Isaac Newton Group. This was a customer facing experience which also involved complex problem solving when trouble shooting issues with the telescope and its control system.

Private Tutor

2016–2017                       Self-employed     

I privately taught mathematics and sciences to GCSE students of varying levels. All my students achieved the results they aimed for. 


Heloise was an excellent tutor, who was enthusiastic and patient. She helped me to understand the concepts I had previously been struggling with. I’m feeling a lot more confident about my modules now.
— Ali S.
As a parent not sure what to expect, I was very comfortable with Heloise and how she approached working with Florence. Both my daughter and myself came away from the first lesson with a good feeling.
— Jo H
Heloise has really helped my daughter with the subjects she was struggling on especially as she is doing her mock exams this year. Heloise really supports the student by always being in time and offering help outside of the tuition time if required. She also ensures she assesses the students areas of weakness that need to be worked on. I would definitely recommend her and will be contacting her again in the new school year.
— Nadeem
I found Heloise really nice and pleasant, she explained problems well so it was easier for me to understand.
— Florence Hill

Awards and Grants

Tom Kaiser Award 2014

Awarded once a year to the undergraduate student showing the best appreciation of their subject.

Think Ahead SURE 2017

Designed a project for an undergraduate summer studentship and
obtained £1,260 to have a student work with me for 7 weeks in the summer of 2017.



  • Roller Derby (with the Sheffield Steel Roller Girl)

  • Yoga

  • Boardgames

  • Cooking and baking

  • Going for a pint with my friends and playing snooker very badly